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Yoga Classes in North and East London


The next classes are at Dancescape Studios on...

 Tuesday  27th August 8:15pm and....

 Thursday 29th August 8pm  

Then the normal time-table resumes on Tuesday 3rd September :-)


Frankie x

Yoga is for everyone!   And for every time in your life.   Men and women,  boys and girls,  big and small,  pregnant...  Or not.   With LiveBright Yoga,  you will find a class to suit you.

Yoga is my thing.   Seriously.   It has simply improved every area of my life.

You see, yoga is not just for when you are on the mat.   And it's not just for the super bendy (definitely not!)   It's for every moment.   Big and small.   It's for getting you through the hard times and helping you make the most of the good times.   It's for perfecting your downward dog,  strengthening,  toning,  lengthening,  focusing,  breathing and...  for simply sitting in traffic!   It's the union of your body,  spirit and mind  (and beyond...)

Let me teach you what yoga has taught me.

Frankie x

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Hatha Yoga classes

For both men and women.  If you want to tone,  gain flexibility,  energise,  build strength,  zone in,  zone out,  meditate,  relax,  or simply learn how to breathe...

Then come to my Hatha Yoga Class. 

You will find all the above,  and more!

Pregnancy Yoga Classes

Whether you have done yoga before or not...   If you are past the first trimester;  Prenatal yoga is for you!

Make space in your bodies and minds.  Recharge and relax.  Strengthen and tone.  Yoga is an excellent way to stay in shape during pregnancy,  connect with your baby and  prepare for the  birth.

Postnatal Yoga classes also available! Bring your baby along for some bendy bonding fun!

Baby Yoga Classes

Kids love yoga.  Fact.  Mums love happy kids.  Also fact.  Come and enjoy a fun filled session with your baby or pre-schooler.  Full of interactive activities and bendy fun,  Children's yoga will introduce your child to this fun and helpful tool for life!
Crystal Healing
I am now offering Crystal Healing and/or Reiki sessions and I have developed my own healing system using sound, crystals, colour therapy and reiki. Come and get your chakras tuned up and your Prana flowing! 
Use the link above for more details

Frankie x
One 2 One Yoga

Private yoga lessons are fantastic if you are returning from injury, anxious or have simple never done yoga before. They are also the best way to develop your practice and deepen your understanding of yoga.

Yoga Retreats
I host seasonal one day yoga retreats in North Chingford and will also be hosting my first yoga retreat holiday in Tenerife in 2019!
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