LiveBright Yoga

Hatha Yoga, Pre & Postnatal Yoga, Children's Yoga and Mother & Baby Yoga.


I am pleased to be able to incorporate crystal healings into my 1:1 yoga sessions. this is a great option if you are injured or have limited movement. Harnessing the million years of earth energy that crystals hold, balancing the chakras and removing blockages, healing can be yours.

The sessions are super relaxing and the only contact will be a pumpy socks-on foot massage to ground you afterwards. They are safe for everybody and i have been utterly blown away by the results so far!  


I have also recently qualified as a level 2  Reiki practitioner. This is a hands-on non invasive and relaxing form of ancient healing using myself as a channel for the abundant Reiki energy to heal you. Please contact me for trail prices as I gather feedback and experience. 


I have developed my own healing treatment combining crystal healing, light therapy, sound and reiki. This treatment is super relaxing, designed to treat the body as a whole, and takes 1-1.5 hours. it is suitable for troublesome symptoms, depression, anxiety and anyone who is feeling out of sorts.

If you wish to combine healing with yoga then it will be the same price as a 1:1-  60 mins £50  90 mins £60

If you wish healing on its own, then I am happy to simply swap for a gift, amount of your choosing or a trade swap.

Get in contact to book xx